Every business needs connectivity. Your staff need access to company resources at all times. Fast and agile networks are a must, which is why we make this a high priority to you, your staff and your business so you don’t miss a beat.

Broadband Fiber & ADSL

  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Range of Providers
  • Installations and re-locations

Leased Lines

  • Private Leased Lines
  • Ultra Fast, high speed connections
  • EFM (Ethernet First Mile)
  • Managed Firewalls

Mobile 4G

  • Temporary High Speed Internet Access
  • Rural Areas where FTTC not available
  • Building Site Temporary Cabins / Offices
  • PAYG or Contracted Plans


  • Cloud controlled access points
  • Public Spaces, Community Hubs or Campuses
  • Wireless Isolation and increased security
  • Offices, Buildings and site-to-site installations
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