Apple has released its latest iOS Operating System for Mobiles and Tablet. The update itself is fairly small at around 600MB, but the time to install the update can take quite a while, even on the latest devices. If you’re upgrading iOS 10.3 on an older iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C, you may want to catch up on some missed TV shows.

Why does it install so slow?

There is a very good reason why it installs slowly, and it’ll be worth the wait. Apple have finally updated the file system that iOS uses. The new file system (APFS) replaces the one which has been in use for around 19 years! The new file system will be rolled out to Mac’s and other Apple devices in the near future and comes with improvements for backups and encryption. The best bit? The new file system is more efficient, it’ll use less of your storage and you’ll be able to reclaim this for your own music, photos and other files.

We’ve upgraded a number of our own iPhones, and we’ve seen the free storage increase by over 1GB on most. Don’t panic when it appears that the install has hung or frozen, just sit tight, watch some TV and you’ll be rewarded with more storage once it completes.

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